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Nick van Breda
A lot of musicians write songs, but few today tell stories.After playing in bands across Sydney since his early teens (Staying At Home, Animal Shapes & Lights Out), Nick van Breda begins a new career as a solo artist, taking on the role of singer, songwriter, story-teller. Breaking away from his time as a drummer and front-man in punk and indie bands, Nick’s solo project marks a new level of maturity in his young career.
Having spent many years as a social worker, these are the songs of an observational mind, of someone who knows deeply the many levels of human experience and who is not afraid to confront his audience and show them a reality so often hidden from view.
Initially written acoustically his debut EP, co-produced by himself & Dylan Adams (Sailmaker, Sticky Fingers, Fait Accompli)and mixed by John Castle (Washington, The Boat People, Dan Parsons), has been expanded and developed through a intense few weeks in a tiny home studio in Annandale, creating a rich and captivating sound.
"the recording process was like climbing a mountain that I had naively mistaken for a small hill. Deciding to play most of the instruments myself made it a lot different to any other recording experience I've had before. It took a while but I eventually embraced the fact that this is indeed a solo project and that's not such a bad thing."