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Described in Melbourne’s Beat Magazine as a ‘garage rock band what them hipsters love’, the Premodernists pack one savage ball of noise into every track, with hot, mangy guitars and yelping, petulant vocals. With hints of proto-garage Nirvana and a late ‘70’s agitprop art school post-punk sensibility, the band’s furious, feverish sound touches on their various musical and ideological influences.


Believing that a high-energy live show is the foundation for any band, Premodernists’ first EP, Dance A Little, is evocative of this intensity, providing a maelstrom of alternative, garage-inspired indie rock, mixed in with hints of surf rock and post-punk angularity.


Dance A Little is also representative of Premodernists’ DIY ethic, recorded surreptitiously in a local university’s radio lab and entirely self-produced. The EP is the culmination of the band’s first year of existence, and a little under a year on, has received a recent nationwide distribution deal (available in JB HiFi, independent retailers and iTunes). In addition, Dance A Little was given a stellar review in Beat Magazine, and the band has been interviewed and played live to air on RRR and PBS.