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Alba Varden

Meet…'Alba Varden'

Where a union of individuals with strong and very particular ideals come together to form the soundtrack to a life where things are not entirely what they seem.

Where beyond relentless energy and a captivating live performance, there is a depth of creativity conceptualised within. A ‘work in progress', somewhat tinged with shades of romanticism, desire, escapism and lust.

An ever-evolving, surreal and entirely emotional narrative ensues. A narrative, which stems from an empathetic fascination of human nature and its ability to corrupt even the purist of character.

The narrative in question, aptly titled "Down the Rabbit Hole" depicts the story of a single entity named ‘Alba’, a paranoid schizophrenic who grapples with his dark and overbearing alter ego ‘Varden’ as the ultimate question is posed…

"Would you give up yourself for the one you love?"

The musical texture with which it follows, combines a dark and brooding pulse in the midst of angular shoe-gaze guitars, providing the foundation for Alba Varden's blend of raw, dirty and downright sleazy, danceable rock.

A truly ground breaking, unique sound captured feverishly in the year 2009 at internationally renowned 'Big Jesus Burger Studios'. A sound captured by one, 'Burke Reid'. A man, not only known for his production skills on stunning Australian long players like The Mess Hall's – Devils Elbow, The Drones' - Havilah and PVT’s - Church with no magic, but also known for forming one third of iconic Australian band, 'Gerling'.

This dualistic and dramatic debut features an intense mix of powerful, yet delicate vocals, coupled with an emphatically uplifting and underlying theme, clearly present on Alba Varden’s driving lead single…‘Soul Digger’.

From humble beginnings, delivering their 'Alba Varden' flavoured lunacy to little more than a tea party, to more recently bringing in the new year on stage on the hallowed turf of iconic Melbourne Venue, 'The Espy', this is the sound of a band not willing to just merely push boundaries of originality, but to take them down…

"Down The Rabbit Hole" out July 9th on MGM/GREEN

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