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Sex Face



Sex Face are a three piece experimental funk group from Melbourne, Victoria. Comprised of past members of the John Butler Trio, Epicure and Johnny Amigo, Sex Face relentlessly pursue a sound unto their own. Sex Face push the boundaries at their live shows, and are always on a savage journey to the heart of sound. 

"When I think of Sex Face I think of two things: dance, funk journeys and peanut butter. I'm not sure why, but sh*t just gets real when a band is as fun and talented as this. See them!" Gaz, Yacht Club DJ's. 



Suggestive name, surprisingly serious funk”
NILS HAY, Rave Magazine

Sex Face was formed in late 2006 by drummer Corey Keem when he was asked to put on a night at a local pub. Corey enlisted the help of past band mate Andy Fry (ex John Butler Trio) and close friend Josh Murphy (Epicure), introducing Andy (bass) and Josh (guitar) on the day of the soon-to-be band’s first show. The electricity between the three was immediate and since then they’ve played countless shows to audiences across the state.

Whether it be funk, psychedelic, rock, hip hop, latin, gypsy or experimental, the band maintain 100% artistic control and freedom within their sound. 

Sex Face is real music for real people.