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Saving Savanah

Saving Savanah emerged out of Adelaide in the winter of 2005 and quickly defined themselves as one of South Australia’s more unique up-and-coming acts. Combining a melodic attractiveness with spine-bending rock, the band brought a fresh and distinctive sound to the local scene.

Sharing the stage with the likes of Grinspoon, Bob Evans and Trial Kennedy, the band were able to enhance their skills whilst continuing to gratify local and regional crowds with their live dynamism.

Saving Savanah released their proudly independent full length debut “In Circles” in 2010 through Green Media distribution. The album showcased the bands creative flair and continued commitment to moving forward.

After proving they can match it with the best on stage, it is the raw and impressive live sound the band wish to capture on the new album. Enhanced with the almost limitless possibilities the studio can bring, Saving Savanah will head back into Adelaide’s Capital Sound in May to record new material and continue to prove why they are a band that can do it all on their own.