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The Salvadors
It's taken a while to get there, but in between name changes (ex Bakewell Street), losing a drummer, finding a few more, undergoing throat surgery, losing mixes in the post, finally, The Salvadors are proud to present their new single, Atacama Disco, taken from their forthcoming EP, Misspent Youth. Atacama Disco enlightens us with the tale of a Chilean discotheque dweller, living on the outskirts of San Pedro in the Atacama Desert. She likes rock n roll. She drinks Pisco. Her hair's full of lipstick and liner. Cliche? No sir. Having supported much loved acts such as The Panics, British India, Little Red, Bluejuice, Lisa Mitchell, Philadelphia Grand Jury and many more across virtually every stage in Adelaide, The Salvadors are excited to release Misspent Youth upon the world. Recorded with Matt Hills/Andy Russ in backyards throughout Adelaide and mixed by Scott Horscroft/John Stevioni at BJB in Sydney, Misspent Youth is a combination of right and wrong, it’s a party on a Wednesday morning, it's a stolen romance.