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The Guilt Association
Episode One by The Guilt Association is the first offering from this unique and independent studio project. It is a selection of collaborations, created between the cracks, and hopes to emerge from between the cracks. It is not a band, its not a DJ with guest vocalists and its not a bunch of producers hoping to be a band. It is an independent project defined by the artists who participate. ‘Episode One’ boasts artists as diverse as IOTA, Connie Mitchell, Simon Day and Nfamas. The Guilt Association has no boundaries. Artists from varied genre’s, era’s and backgrounds are represented with many more to come. They are all connected in some way to the brains behind it, Cameron McGlinchey. Ex-bandmates, peers, people admired from afar, well-known or unknown or simply mates. After playing drums and writing with so many bands and artists, it was time to create something extra that could represent him and not the projects of the people he was working for.