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Rick Ralli
Peaking at #1 (and consistently charting) on the Myspace Classic Rock charts and with over 800,000 plays Rick Ralli’s music has been touching the hearts and souls of people in the know both in Australia and in the USA. ("Australia's latest Myspace success..." Christie Eliezer's Music Business News, 5th May 2009) Featuring Ian Kitney from Tim Rogers and the Temperance Union and Andre Warhurst from Silver Night Drive and Spoonful. In 2006 Rick wrote a letter to his favourite band, Cheap Trick, explaining how after seeing them play in the Royal Albert Hall in London, they saved his life during a difficult patch. In his letter he happened to mention that he had some songs on Myspace and included the link to his site. During an interview with Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan, Rick Neilsen said that he had been listening to these great songs by this guy from Australia, and mentioned the Myspace site. You can imagine Rick's surprise when he checked his Myspace to find hundreds of friend requests and song plays, as well as comments and messages, mostly from the U.S. Over the next year those hundreds grew into thousands (340625 Profile Views, 824,288 Total Plays as at 15/10/09).