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Gold Kids
GOLD KIDS saw the light at the beginning of 2006 in the city of Cagliari, Italy. The main goal of this band was, and still is giving a voice to all those personal regrets and anger that had needed to be. Touring as much as we can became our best weapon to escape from this physical and cultural isolation So far we've accomplished five European tours, twice in both Scandinavia and United Kingdom. We have had the privilege to share the stage with numerous bands such as Modern Life Is War, Rise and fall, The Legacy, Killing the Dream, Dead Swans, The Hoods, Caliban, 100 Demons, Ruiner, Outbreak, November Coming Fire, Life Long Tragedy, Cloak Dagger and more! Our first EP came out in 2006 on No Panic Records (Germany) at the time home of This Is Hell, Crime in Stereo and Sinking Ships. In 2007 saw the release of our second press on Day By Day Records (Germany) who will also be releasing this on 7” vinyl. Our new album ‘The Sound Of breaking Up’ was recorded and mixed by Ben Phillips (November Coming Fire, Bossk) at The Inner Station, UK. Mastered at Tonteknic Studio, Umea - Sweden by Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna, Refused, In Flames, Poison the Well).