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Sierra Fin

Art Rock outfit SIERRA FIN nest themselves among a dying breed of artists still willing to seek simple beauty. The past twelve months have found SIERRA FIN playing across Sydney to enthusiastic audiences, with ever growing numbers, all the while piecing together their debut release, ‘SHAKE STARE SLEEP’. This self-carved five track EP has received the helping hand of Jordan Brebach (The Church, Dappled Cities) at BJB Studios. Highlights for the four piece have been supporting The Fauves, Final Fantasy, The Kahn Brothers (ex Gelbison), Epicure, Steve Kilbey (The Church), Skipping Girl Vinegar (Melb), being invited to perform at The 2008 MusicOz Awards and selling out The Vanguard, Newtown for there EP Launch. SIERRA FINs songs are a jumble of rhythmical layers. The songs are expansive, giddily coherent yet still genuine. SIERRA FIN's intricate layers of simplistic melodies deceive the listener to the complexity within.