X'S & O'S

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X's & O's
X's & O's (pronounced exes and ohs) formed in early 2007. Up until that time, the band's main songwriter, Marc Oswin, was performing his dark folk ballads under his solo guise of Mark with the Sea. With a bigger vision for many of the songs he was penning, Marc set out to put together a group of musicians to realise the bigger sound. Marc didn't have to look far. Hushed notes transcended fences and drew neighbours Holly Sewell and Perry Lane to join Marc as the founding members and chief songwriters of X's & O's. Joined later by Geoff Hassall and Simon Young, the quintet realised their desired sound in the form of harmony and hook-driven pop songs that dip their toes into the ponds of folk, country and rock. After a year of playing live shows and tightening their sound, the band began recording and producing their debut album "I have lived in the Monster" in mid February 2008. The majority of the album was recorded at bass player Simon Young's Talbot ranch and in Marc's shed, known for quite a time as "Insulation City" due to the unlined ceiling and exposed pink bats. Engineer and co-producer Jarrod Ferguson of Brown Note Recordings helped X's & O's to achieve a sound that is true to their live qualities, whilst utilising the studio to add some special elements to the songs. The album was mastered by award winning Tony "Jack the Bear" Mantz at Deluxe Mastering, who has previously worked on albums for Nick Cave, Augie March, Something For Kate, John Butler Trio and You Am I.