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DJ Tr!p
DJ TR!P is an independent electronic musician who creates & composes for an eclectic range of projects. TR!P performs his music live & also works as a DJ, remix artist, workshop tutor & composer for theatre, dance, film, radio & events. ”Music flows out over the audience in thick, meaty, 8-bit waves. It's sad and heavy in parts; the opening of a murder mystery adventure. David Cage's Fahrenheit, it's electronic pulse fading with each loop; TR!P easing the rhythm into a body bag, only to suddenly jab it back to life with a nightclub adrenaline shot to it's digital heart. He starts buzzing then, feeding off the beat as Prodigy-style riffs mix together with a Matrix sound scape. Spins, tweaks & flicks of the deck come deftly, with no hint of the pre-performance twitchiness. A master of electronica.” Drew Taylor [Jump Button – Dirt in Music – ‘08]