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Moonbombs are a 3-piece outfit of sonically lush noise filtered through an earnest love of creating textured gloriously confident music that isn’t afraid to travel between a solar flare of angst into a soft descent of spacious hypnosis. Formed in Sydney and playing live for no more than 12 months around the various clubs and pubs in their fair city, they have captured a sound that takes a little bit of New York’s moody atmosphere from bands like the faint, Interpol and sonic youth, and blended it with strong pop sensibilities based around staccato guitars with driving bass lines and explosive drums. Layer this with the manic vocal melodies in tracks like ‘Fire in the Factory’ that build tension and release and you have something that isn’t your run of the mill made for radio dribble. The music transcends into a live spectacle of instrumental psyche-outs, played out on a canvas of dream like imagery that is both mesmerizing and hooks you with a melodic cacophony that will keep you locked into the epicenter of moonbombs. Focusing on finishing earlier demo sessions for the first part of 2008, the trio has gone into record their debut Ep “Bleeding Lights” with sound engineer and friend John Hunter, tracking it live to an 8-track tape machine in John’s studio. The energetic live feel of Bleeding Lights will feature an eclectic mix of 5 songs due out for release in October 2008 through newly formed Sydney based indie label Tiny Kingdoms, and gives an early indication of the blazing creativity this band is capable of. Grabbing a featured artists spot on fbi radio and high rotation of track Fire in the factory, A Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane tour planned around the release it should be only a matter of time before moonbombs are joined amongst their influential peers.