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NO FASHION, JUST PASSION With a brand new drummer and a trunk of new tunes, hardcore heavies PROVOKE are ready and set for their long-overdue full-length release. "This Is Real", the new album on legendary Adelaide punk label Pee Records, will be the product of 4 years of understated achievement which has seen the band share the stage with local and international acts such as MINDSNARE, TOE-TO-TOE, AGNOSTIC FRONT, AGAINST, MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD, MOUTHGUARD and many more, while building a loyal and diverse following crossing over the hardcore, punk and even metal scenes. With a fresh injection of energy thanks to the addition of Kris Wood (previously of MIBAS, NAKED BURN, WISH FOR WINGS) on drums, the new material will build on the foundation laid down by the critically acclaimed PROVOKE EP and last years split release with kiwi punks TEMPO 38, which helped spread the word across the Tasman also. PROVOKE – leanly stripped down to a four-piece - are set to have the brand new material hit the streets late September, just in time for a tour with visiting Italian band WATCH YOUR STEP, which will include shows around South East Queensland. Watch out for the boys heading south of the border once again later this year. Hardcore fans can expect the same tough, old-school, pure, undiluted hardcore sound PROVOKE have become known for: no trends, no bullshit, no excuses – just pure honesty and all energy.