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Run! Hide!

Run! Hide! are more than just a rock ‘n’ roll band – they’re one of the most intense and wild live acts on the Australian hard rock scene. Formed in early 2006 in Sydney’s inner west, this transcendent five-piece has amassed a dedicated following among live music fans that like to wash down their hard rock with a few cold beers. Blending blues, metal, hard rock and punk, Run! Hide! have built up a powerful and distinctive sound that has rocked stages at Sydney’s best venues. Run! Hide! have played with International bands such as Cancer Bats (Canada) and Mink (New York), and local favourites Hell City Glamours, The Riot & The Trauma, Furcurve and Deez Nuts. On the back of a huge live support, Run! Hide! have released an EP in 2008 to rave reviews, so expect to be hearing much more from this powerfull and versatile band.