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Steve McNaughton
Sydney singer/song writer Steve McNaughton’s second album and 3rd CD, is probably his best to date, with songs that encompass solid radio-friendly hooks, and some definite groove and attitude! The opening title-track ‘Storm Chaser’ was inspired by Scott Currens and other storm chasers. It is a high energy rock song that fully captures the fury of nature when the plains turn violent across the United States’ mid-west. The associated music video clip gives a unique insight into the chasers’ pursuits when the weather hots up. ‘Gimme Something’ is a simple but brilliant pub rocker which forcefully puts the question you ask of someone who’s been screwing you long term! The style of ‘The Devils in the Detail’ is distinctly The Who, yet the album keeps you guessing with some Mowtown numbers featuring excellent saxophone. Other tracks of note include the smooth blues styled ‘Dreaming’ which showcases Angus Steventon’s keyboard playing, and the slightly funky/reggae ‘Ode to Odette’. There is also the anthem-like ‘Eyes of a Child’ and the classic rock song ‘Can’t Rock Any Harder’.