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Jack Napier
Jack Napier started early 06 in Western Sydney since then, in only two short years the lads from Jack Napier have started to make their mark on the Australian hardcore circuit and have supported and shared the stage with some of Australia's leaders in hardcore. This includes the likes of Parkway Drive, Carpathian, Wish for Wings, No Apologies, Mindsnare, The Red Shore, I Killed the Prom Queen, Breakeven, 50 lions, Bad Blood, Her Nightmare, Samsara, Against and also international acts such as Warriors (USA), All Shall Perish (USA). Jack Napier and Viperdeathlock records have teamed up and are about to unleash "Revenge!" an 8 track ep, recorded in late 2007 with Dave Petrovic (Cog) and Shane Edwards at Electric Sun Studios in Sydney and mastered at Crystal in Melbourne. Like letting a starving pittbull free in a butcher shop, Jack Napier are set to release one of the most agressive ep's of 08. For fans of Hatebreed, Terror, Mindsnare, Walls of Jericho, Madball and Toe to Toe.