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Silver City Highway
Silver City Highway is a unique and refined bastard child of a complicated relationship. Putting seven odd musicians (including members of SubAudible Hum, The Union & Redfish Bluegrass Band) together with the well crafted songs and the superb baritone from Fergus McAlpin has produced a cinematic noise strewn mix of country, rock and soul. The sound wraps itself around the lyrics eliciting electrifying harmonies from the shrill organ and guitar, producing a dark and epic atmosphere that's quite hard to put your finger on. The group spent two days at Sing Sing studios early in 2007 recording the album live with engineer/producer Aaron Cupples, who has worked with Paul Kelly and produced J-Award nominated albums for The Drones, SubAudible Hum and Dan Kelly. Expect to hear the songs from the record at the shows performed with passion and energy but don't expect them to be a recreation, this band like to make it dark and beautiful, loose and tight and leave you hanging on the edge of every note.