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The Rocketsmiths
The Rocketsmiths are five best mates from Brisbane who play music, have fun and write songs. Sounding like some deranged mash up of indie pop and rockabilly and drawing from music as diverse as Madness, Johnny Cash, The Fratellis and some form of vaudevillian punk rock, The Rocketsmiths put on a stage show which is energetic and engaging and are becoming known as one of Brisbane's best bands to watch. After playing shows with We Are Scientists, The Presidents of the United States of America and The Whitlams as well as The Boat People and British India, The Rocketsmiths released their latest EP, "Meet Horace and Clyde" in July 2007 with packed out shows up and down the East Coast. These boys are exciting and their music is captivating; check out the band that everyone is hailing as energetic yet restrained, quirky yet mature and hip yet totally uncool.