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Fools Rush In
In the winter of 2005, after a grueling year touring with their legendary Australian punk band TANTRUM, Ronan and Mark had an epiphany. They’d been honing their song writing skills for years in the sun, salt and surf Mecca of Perth, Australia, a sprawling suburban wonderland of pool parties and drop-top jeeps, and punk was starting to wear them down. A shifting mood was in the air. It was time to get back to basics, to bring back those sweet catchy riffs and sing along ballads, those drunken, hazy tunes, those break down party classics. It was time to bring back Pop Rock. Drawing from the music of their youth, Motorace, Icehouse, and John Mayer, as well as glam rock superstars like Poison, Guns n' Roses and Metallica, the two struck on an idea to return powerful, tuneful pop rock back to it’s rightful throne. Recruiting the stentorian young talents of Ben and Andy on bass and drums, they formed FOOLS RUSH IN, and the odyssey began. For the better part of 2005 and 2006, FOOLS RUSH IN holed themselves up on location to record their debut album. The project was completed in mid 2006 with the help of Laurie McCallum from Sumo Sound Studios. The result is an outstanding debut 12-track album. The songs are catchy, emotive and heartfelt with big guitars, bigger choruses and the biggest production the band has ever attempted.