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Amber Cashel
Aftershock Records is proud to present Amber Cashel, with her debut folk/rock album “One Iota & Everything That Follows” Soul deep and wrapped in raw emotion, a fusion of acoustic guitar driven choruses, thought provoking lyrics and stick in your head melodies, an inhale and exhale of life’s loose ends, the highs and lows and even highers. Commonly compared to Missy Higgins, but with more edge, she is a 25 year old daughter of a truckie and hippie, a middle child born into the generation of Doc Martins, Rage TV and Big Day Out’s, and these days are definitely reflected with the sounds of Neil Young, Ani DiFranco, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, PJ Harvey and Tori Amos shining through. Triple J radio gave Amber Cashel the thumbs up in 1999, making her a main subject of the “Unearthed” documentary, which was aired nationally on ABC Television and gave viewers an insight into the lives of young musicians in the Central West. In 2001 Amber crept into the hearts and lounge rooms of thousands of “Channel V” viewers, when she was announced the winner of the “Channel V Music Bus” competition, Amber performed “Creep & Loom” which is featured on the album. Amber can also be found on the “4 On the Floor” compilation CD, a product released to showcase Central West musicians. In April 2006, Amber Cashel was officially signed to Aftershock Records, with the company giving her the chance to release an album of all original material. Amber spent 6 months in the recording studio, laying down the tracks that would lead to the national release of “One Iota & Everything That Follows” Amber’s debut single from the album titled “Stupid Kinda Nasty” is currently circulating on various radio stations across NSW including Triple J, where she has become a part of the Triple J Unearthed website, where fans and other music lovers can explore her music and give it a rating and review. A music video is currently in the works for the same song, and is expected to hit screens across Australia in August 2007. Amber will also be part of an “Artists to watch in 07” showcase in Sydney in mid 2007, a showcase of emerging recording artists. In February 2007, Amber kicked off her first national tour to promote the album, starting with a farewell show in her home town, bringing more than 100 local and surrounding fans to the venue. The tour consisted of more than 30 venues, stretching from Sydney to Brisbane and everywhere in between. The tour was a great success and saw Amber sell close to 1000 copies of the album. Amber Cashel is a breath of fresh air to Australian Music Scene, and is making fans listen and take notice.