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Jaime Robbie Reyne & the Paradise Three
Jaime Robbie Reyne and the Paradise Three’s brand of rock ‘n roll is strong and convincing. Born out of a deeply embedded musical lineage, Jaime Robbie Reyne had been writing music long before he and his band of fellow musicians came into view. At the tender age of 18 JRR packed his bags and head to the UK to develop his muse. For the following twelve months he played various gigs around London but spent most of his time pursuing his writing. Returning to Australia late in 2005, he set about playing his wares determined to get his point across on stage back home in Australia. In solo guise he began playing shows in both Melbourne and Sydney - a man, his guitar, and the occasional harmonica. Citing influences from Gram Parsons to Morrissey, Bob Dylan to Nirvana, Muddy Waters to The Band and whatever else JRR musters from his diverse musical box, his tunes are steeped in country roots, deeply lathered in rich soulful blues but solidly centered in rock n’ roll. JRR’s songwriting is honest and moving, drawing from both those who have had a lasting impression on him musically and an amalgamation of life experience. He sings of sorrow and heartache, anger and anticipation, but rustles up a mood that is full of gusto. In 2006, after extensive solo performances, JRR decided that it was time for something more. That something was a band who would come together to compliment his solo songs and make them come alive. They are The Paradise Three; Conor Gallacher (bass), Ryan Ferguson (drums) and Luke Cartwright (guitar and banjo). They come loaded with a thirst for playing gritty, honest music - the vital component for backing the earnest front man. With the power and intensity of the band behind JRR, the sound is naturally bigger and more imposing. JRR & The P3 have already graced stages at esteemed music festivals, such as: St Kilda Festival, & Queenscliff Music Festival and headlined shows everywhere from The Ding Dong Lounge, The Espy and Ruby’s Lounge in Melbourne to The Annandale and The Hopetoun in Sydney. --- Jaime Robbie Reyne & The Paradise Three will head-off on their first Australian Tour in June. The new ‘Fallen Flower’ mini-ALBUM will be showcased on this Tour where the band will undoubtedly leave the stage with nothing more than a puddle of sweat and the crowd demanding more. But, if by chance you are unlucky enough to miss it, the mini-ALBUM will be released in stores on June 9th through Green/MGM, Australia wide.