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The Devil Rides Out
Hot on the spurred heels of their debut EP Volume I in April, Perth “boner rock” supergroup THE DEVIL RIDES OUT bring you the second chapter in their unholy trinity of EPs - Volume II. Recorded with the legendary Al Smith (Jed Whitey, Wednesday Society, Eleventh He Reaches London) Volume II is a darker, heavier, sexier and all-round more fully realised BEAST of a release from The Devil. Their trademark forked-tongue-in-cheek sense of humour is still present here but tempered with a new found - dare we we say it - maturity, with tracks such as Black Spring Rising and The Demon dealing with personal demons rather than those of a fantastical kind. Don’t fear though, Rock’n’Roll Mayhem and Tonight I Might will more than satisfy those with a thirst for a bit of trash talkin’ excess, while Lead Pusher and Goddamn Hell Yeah walk an assured line between the two styles. Volume II is the sound of The Devil growing stronger and more powerful... leaving one to tremble at the thought of what Volume III may hold in store...