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Zebra Rodeo
Confronting yet arousing. Noisy, yet pleasing to the ear. Their songs will burn into your brain. You will recall them and sing them to yourself, whilst waiting in line, when riding an elevator, while taking a shower and even during those intimate times with your old lady. You can't help yourself. Seeing them live is a real treat, when was the last time you’ve seen or heard music like this, who do they think they are? Some would describe their sound as Rock, some would say Alternative, others would laugh and say it's Punk though and through, it's none of those, yet a mix of many genres, with a twist of old time rock'n'roll. Let's just say it's Zebra Rock, Giddy-up! It doesn't matter if you're a punker, a rocker, a stoner, a metal-head, an emo or even disco dancer; it's OK for you to dig these guys.