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Alex Hallahan


A melodic embrace to recline your weary soul upon.


‘A voice with both fragility and confidence, a songwriter with enormous depth and variety.’
- John Carver, Presenter Across The Tracks, PBSfm


Understatement when performing a song has a lot to do with Alex Hallahan's charisma and his words are powerful too, powerful enough to rise up on you like a swell and knock you over as you dip your toe to test the water. 

While many singer-songwriters prefer to share their own world in song, Alex often prefers to articulate that which he observes and does so beautifully. It's the story, but not always his, and the melody of each song that makes one sit forward and take notice, and take notice they do.

With two very different kinds of albums to his name - Human Veins (2011) and The Turning Wheel (2008), thirty-four year old Alex Hallahan is yet again manifesting signs of artistic growth in his new single Tangle For Two. It's a delicious folk song, a love letter contemplating boundless love and it's tangle where two can find refuge from "life's uncertainties". It is a warm melodic embrace to recline your weary soul upon.