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The Paper Scissors



The Paper Scissors have never really been defined by a genre; but more so by the experience they deliver.

Launching into the Australian music scene with the punchy ‘We Don't Walk’, lead singer Jai Pyne's songwriting captured the playfulness and self-assured outlook of youth, quickly attracting the attention of community radio and Triple J. Soon after, the song became nationally recognised as the backdrop to the popular ‘Unwired Australia’ ad as well as being featured on ‘Underbelly’.

The band have since delivered music drawing on everything from soul to pop, punk and indie, that channel a feeling of immediacy delivered through a punchy guitar and drum sound with Jai’s anguished, edgy vocals. While their recorded repertoire is dynamic, their consistently high-voltage live performance remains at the epicentre of The Paper Scissors identity. The band have frequently toured as a headliner as well as playing festivals including Falls, Playground Weekender and Southbound where their energetic stage show and audience participation are a common thread.

With the delivery of their new single ‘Lung Sum’, it’s clear that the boys have come of age, shedding themselves of the novelty of youth and exploring slightly more serious subject matter. ‘Lung Sum’ is less introspective than their previous work and walks the line between being darkly emotive while remaining fun and energetic. ‘Lung Sum’ is the much anticipated first single from The Paper Scissors forthcoming album ‘In Loving Memory’ released through Sandcastle Music.