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Adam Hole

Adam Hole is establishing himself as one of Australia’s top slide guitarists. His exceptional talent and passion for playing acoustic slide, lap steel and resonator guitars has been mesmerising audiences up and down the East coast of Australia, including The Port Fairy Folk Festival, The National Folk Festival, The Sydney guitar show and the Brisbane guitar show where he was rated as one of the top two players. David Churchill, a renowned Australian guitar maker said of his performance at the Brisbane guitar show: “I knew Adam was a great guitarist and vocalist, but he absolutely blew me away!”

Adam has been surrounded by music from an early age. Listening to his parents old vinyl records from the sixties inspired him to retrieve his Dads old dusty Maton electric guitar from under the house. The first riff that he learnt from his father was Creams 'Sunshine of your love'. Adam was instantly addicted to the sound of the guitar. Listening to the old records of Cream, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, Adam soon discovered Jimi Hendrix, which led him to the Blues. After hanging around Jam nights at local Blues Bars Adam discovered the sound of the glass bottleneck sliding across the strings, his love of the blues intensified. This drew him into an exciting new world . His life now revolved around the guitar.

Playing in cover bands for a number of years was exciting but also quite limiting. Adam felt the urge to express his sense of freedom through creating his own original works. He is now a solo performer on acoustic guitars playing everything from slide guitar to finger picking style, with a raw, full, overdriven sound. Adams passion for the blues is evident every time he plays. Audiences are always blown away by his unique feel and stage presence. Although extremely talented, his humble and modest personality makes this performer an absolute pleasure to see live. Adams music will take you on a trip from slow melodic ballads, to a loud, gutsy sound, with powerful vocals .

Adam Hole is a feel player. Every note has his heart and soul poured into it. When he plays, audiences are swept away with his passion and enthusiasm. Adam is a versatile and progressive performer who has an experimental approach to music. His curiosity for mastering the guitar, give Adams music an extra edge.