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[August 2007] RESPONDER are an energetic rock four piece band based in Melbourne, Australia. With a focus on tight, original songs RESPONDER have been making a natural progression through the music scene whilst building on the strength of their explosive live show.

After forming in 2004 and with several name and member changes, RESPONDER stands now with a definitive lineup with the addition of drummer Shane Walker (Bodyjar). It’s been a character-building road so far, but it’s served only to strengthen their passion and dedication. RESPONDER'S debut EP "Seeing and Thinking at Twice Speed" was released in 2005 through DSTAR records to enthusiastic reviews.

"What really matters with this stuff is the conviction – the bands ability to really sell it. And Responder manage to make the 'live 'n' raw' sound work better than most..." [Beat Magazine]

RESPONDER have been continuing to grow their fan base through back to back interstate tours and supporting some of Australia's biggest acts including, Kisschasy, Trial Kennedy, After the Fall, Antiskeptic, Blueline Medic, Horsell Common, Sparta (USA), He is Legend (USA) and Jonah Matranga (USA) - just to name a few.