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Stolen Youth
Stolen Youth is best described as a 5 piece fast, hard Punk band reigning from Adelaide, South Australia. Stolen Youth formed in the year 2000, and didn't play until the first show in 2001. Since then Stolen Youth have been playing shows non-stop and has managed to build a very good reputation in the music scene locally and Australia wide. As a band there is one thing Stolen Youth has always focused on and that's the "DIY" ethic. Stolen Youth play shows from clubs and pubs, to halls and alleyways. Stolen Youth are really passionate about its music and have worked extremely hard to get where they are today.

As a guide, some of Stolen Youth's main influences include bands like Propagandhi, MYC, Good Riddance, Strike Anywhere, Strung Out and many others. Stolen Youth have three releases, all through independent record label Two Bucks Records. The first one is an EP that was released in 2003 called "Smurfer", which is a 5-track cd that was recorded in two days. This release stayed in the independent music charts for a number of weeks, debuting at number 2 and remaining there for weeks to come. The next release was a Demo Tape called "Demo 2004" which was a limited release to show the punters where the band was heading with their music. The latest release has been the best to date. The title of this EP is "When Spiders Unite" and has done really well since its release. "When Spiders Unite" has sat at number 1 for the first 12 weeks and looks to remain in the charts for a while to come. As well as playing with numerous local and interstate bands, Stolen Youth has also had the privilege of supporting international acts such as Good Riddance, Lagwagon, Ignite, Champion, Madball, The Bleeders, Anti-Flag, Lawrence Arms, Suicide Machines, No Use For A Name and Rambo. Stolen Youth has also had the privilege of being on the road and touring around Australia and playing a number of cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra and Tasmania plus other big shows like Resist Records show case, All Systems Down Fest and more.

Stolen Youth is a very politically charged band. As a band, Stolen Youth have very strong beliefs and it is a main focus when the band writes music. Because of this, Stolen Youth has managed to gain a lot of respect from a large crowed which has made them a strong driving force in the Adelaide music scene.